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The Bentech Assistive Technologies Inc. (BAT) is a not for profit organisation whose members work largely voluntarily unless they are paid under specific project funding such as the Ben’s House Project which is supported by government grants, private gifts and payment for services where appropriate.

Any profits made by the organisation will be fed back into the organisation’s research and development to ensure that the most up to date technologies are made available to those who can benefit from them.

The organisation is run by a board of management under the direction of the members of the Association. Day to day decisions are made by two managers who are directly responsible to the Board and hence to the Association’s members.

Being an incorporated association Bentech holds its own funding from government grants, organisational grants and private donations.

All money donated to the organisation is fully tax deductible as the organisation is registered as a charitable organisation and has Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office. The organisation’s ABN is 11 722 032 767.

“Door Trialling”Those working with the organisation are either being paid for their services, work on a voluntary basis or a combination of both. All staff working for the organisation are covered by insurance. Bentech welcomes people with the relevant skills and expertise to work with them to achieve the outcome to benefit people with a disability. Tertiary students and staff are always welcome to contribute to the project.

BAT has established a base in the Mosman Park Community Men’s Shed, which is located on Tom Perrot Reserve in Mosman Park. BAT has leased space for an office and electronics area in the MPCMS, as well as having access to the existing workshop facilities and a meeting room. As an added benefit to being in the MPCMS, some of the members of the Shed have become actively involved in the BAT research and development activities.